Hey there!
My name is Aleksandra and if you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in anything that has to do with working online from home. Let me tell you my story. I started freelancing about two years ago. Up to then, I had no idea that you can actually earn money via internet since anything I came across seemed like a scam. As the time passed I actually started getting clients and improving my skills as a graphic designer. Still, nothing nearly enough to cover all the life expenses an average person has. That’s when I got involved with Genuine Jobs.

Genuine Jobs is a fast growing online job platform with thousands of jobs listed. Our client market is expanding at a very fast pace at the moment and we offer a various amount of telecommuting and freelance jobs.

My blog is currently dedicated to helping out and giving tips to anyone who is into freelancing and home based working. If any of you are interested in working from home and finding real clients you can visit our site.


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